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About Us

LifeSavers Animal Rescue Inc is a non profit animal rescue dedicated to saving lives.  Every year in this country millions of animals are killed because shelters do not have room to keep them.  These animals die a tragic death.... it is not the "put to sleep" method that many people believe.  LifeSavers rescues these death row dogs sometimes minutes before they are to be killed.  We then get them to a veterinarian to be checked and to get all vaccinations and any needed medications.  We then place these dogs into foster homes to help them brush up on their household skills and to get the love they so much deserve.  We then search for the perfect home for each and every dog!  LifeSavers is run by volunteers who truly dedicate themselves to help these animals. We work hard everyday and we very much need your support to help us continue our efforts!

Please donate today!  you will help us save lives!